Small Beginnings

First clients in the house. Lot of work to find new work!

This week has been all about hustle.  Lots of work goes into getting work.  Getting the site done (and tweaked) and sending lots of emails and making LinkedIn connections … all work.  Going to the Grand Rapids Social Media event and listening to speakers share how the ArtPrize event here in GR utilized social media to garner attention and participation was fun, but still a part of my new job: learn new skills, find new clients.

The good thing is that, last Friday I landed my first official PR client. That work is done now (for now, anyway) but today I landed my second client (I think) and have a lead on my third.  Plus, yesterday I landed my second writing job and got a lead on a third.  The “Indie PR” community in Grand Rapids has been very encouraging. I have not yet had an Indie PR person who hasn’t had time to talk … and to all of them I am a potential competitive threat!  Instead, I’ve received advice, encouragement, and two referrals.

When launching Luymes PR LLC, I wasn’t sure what I should focus on. At this point, I’m willing to allow the market to dictate that a little for me, but the crisis comms work I did this week certainly was right in my “wheelhouse.”  It was a little bit about reputation, a little about media relations, and a little about social media. Of course, writing was involved.  With those ingredients, all that’s needed is a little garnish and you’re all set!

A New Start at Luymes PR

Going it on your own, at Luymes Public Relations

After nearly 18 years, it’s quite daunting to start your own business. Especially if you worked at a large, multinational corporation with many resources at your disposal, as I did when at Amway.  Starting a website?  I used to be able to call Amway IT and be assigned resources to help me build a custom website like The SuperDu Blog, provided it was warranted. Now? I am IT and need to figure it out on my own. 

Well, with a little help from my friends.  Thanks Doug!  Douglas Kelly of Evolve Solutions was a contractor at Amway until recently, but his contract ran out and now he’s looking for new clients as well.  He comes with my highest recommendation.  Today he helped me get the redirect from to where the content is developed in a sub-folder. This enabled me to actively start directing people to the site!

Billing?  That’s all on me too, now.  So is fixing the printer and getting my new business cards. I even have to make my own coffee.  Oh wait. I always did that!  (And anyone who knows me knows that I was very proficient, and prolific, at making my own coffee.)

This blog is going to be about how Luymes Public Relations LLC gets off the ground.  It will be about my experiences counseling clients on crisis communications, web reputation, social media, and general communications (to the extent that I am permitted). I began working with my first client this past week and the experience has energized me to sign up some more!  Who’s next!  I am ready to get to work for additional organizations that need to tap into my nearly 20 years’ of experience in communications!

Welcome to Luymes PR

Welcome to Luymes Public Relations! What will this blog be about and what are some expectations.

This week, I suppose, is “Independence Week” for me.  I formally registered Luymes Public Relations LLC last week and then purchased and then created this site using “easy” tools provided by my web host. I’ve blogged before, as SuperDu at Amway’s, but I’ve never actually had to create the blog itself — just the content! So, bear with me as I learn the best practices of setting up the actual blog site.

In this blog I expect to share about my views and experiences as a PR professional.  That will include my opinions on best practices for the public relations profession, including use of social media by organizations. I likely will talk about my personal life as well, especially how that relates to my profession and my business. Many of my posts will draw upon past experiences, including those with Amway Corp., my employer for nearly 18 years, and as a reporter for the Grand Rapids  Business Journal before that.

To the extent that I can, I also will share experiences with new clients of Luymes Public Relations, understanding there will be times I cannot due to client expectations and desires. Please drop me a line and tell me your experiences and whether or not you agree with what I’m saying here. I am sure that active dialog will better inform my understanding and likely anyone else’s who reads this!