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Within a few weeks I will complete the capstone course required for my Master of Management degree from Davenport University, even though I already participated in Commencement exercises at the end of April.  The past two years have been intense, with only a few weeks of breaks between the 11 consecutive 7-week courses that comprise the MM program. I have had earlier opportunities to complete graduate programs, having started the Master of Communication program at GVSU more than a decade ago and then considering DU’s Executive MBA program.  I’m glad I waited to be included in the very first cohort to complete DU’s MM program, however, because it leveraged my experiences over the past 25 years and prepares me well for continued growth as an organizational leader.

The capstone course I am in focuses on strategy, bringing together all that I’ve learned in global marketing, project management, organizational design, human resources, information technology management, finance, leadership and other courses over the past two years. In small groups of three or four, our class is now working on four projects for Hope Network.  In these projects, we are operating as consultants.  Hope Network gets to keep our work at the end, of course, and we get another practical experience in applying our strategic thinking to real-world organizational problems.  In two hours (at the time of writing this), my team will meet with a project leader at Hope Network to discuss how to optimize the use of their trademark red buses.  I will keep you informed on our progress with Hope.

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