A Year in the Life

In a few weeks I start the next chapter of my career at Davenport University as Executive Director of Communications.

The day after Labor Day I begin the next chapter in my professional career when I report to Davenport University as the newly appointed Executive Director of Communications. I’m excited to be joining a university that is “on the grow.” With a brand new campus near the junction of M-6 and M-37 just south of Gerald R. Ford International Airport, there’s a new excitement surrounding Davenport and the programs it operates statewide.

The position will provide a wonderful opportunity to contribute strategically to the university, and I look forward to sharing more about what I’ll be working on after I start!  Meanwhile, I’m working on finishing up assignments for some of my Luymes PR LLC clients, including LEAD Marketing Agency, Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille, the Alliance For Health, IMN Inc., RapidGrowthMedia.com, and more. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many great companies this past year.  From Adoption Associates to Zondervan, West Michigan is blessed with quality organizations.

My Davenport start date is just two days shy of the one-year anniversary of my last day at Amway Corp. It’s been a great year learning what it means to be an independent consultant, to be an entrepreneur, to service clients even as you seek new ones. This past year was marked by the generosity of so many others who gave of their time and counsel to me, referring business, and offering unlimited encouragement.  While starting a new business is always difficult and typically not so profitable in the beginning, I am happy that I was able to come out on the plus side and have such a rich experience as well!

This story, I am certain, is to be continued!

Author: Robin

Communications professional with more than 25 years' expertise in PR, crisis communications, social media, community relations, marketing communications and more!

5 thoughts on “A Year in the Life”

  1. Robin,

    Much success!

    My one thought, having been involved with universities, is to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in every student you touch – even indirectly. You will do then more good in that simple act than most of their professors will do in a semester…


  2. Thanks Craig. Won’t be teaching, but you’re right, I’m likely to come in contact with a lot of students and I look forward to being their encourager and supporter!

  3. I wondered what had happened to you! Congrats on the new adventure! Glad to see you are doing OK.

    What will you be doing in your new role? From what you are saying, you’ll be promoting the university & the programs it has to offer?

  4. All communications. Marketing materials, PR programs, digital/social media, alumni magazine, speeches, employee communications, etc. So, it will be an exciting and challenging role working with excellent people for a great organization. What else could I want?

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