A New Start at Luymes PR

Going it on your own, at Luymes Public Relations

After nearly 18 years, it’s quite daunting to start your own business. Especially if you worked at a large, multinational corporation with many resources at your disposal, as I did when at Amway.  Starting a website?  I used to be able to call Amway IT and be assigned resources to help me build a custom website like The SuperDu Blog, provided it was warranted. Now? I am IT and need to figure it out on my own. 

Well, with a little help from my friends.  Thanks Doug!  Douglas Kelly of Evolve Solutions was a contractor at Amway until recently, but his contract ran out and now he’s looking for new clients as well.  He comes with my highest recommendation.  Today he helped me get the redirect from Luymes.com to where the content is developed in a sub-folder. This enabled me to actively start directing people to the site!

Billing?  That’s all on me too, now.  So is fixing the printer and getting my new business cards. I even have to make my own coffee.  Oh wait. I always did that!  (And anyone who knows me knows that I was very proficient, and prolific, at making my own coffee.)

This blog is going to be about how Luymes Public Relations LLC gets off the ground.  It will be about my experiences counseling clients on crisis communications, web reputation, social media, and general communications (to the extent that I am permitted). I began working with my first client this past week and the experience has energized me to sign up some more!  Who’s next!  I am ready to get to work for additional organizations that need to tap into my nearly 20 years’ of experience in communications!

Author: Robin

Communications professional with more than 25 years' expertise in PR, crisis communications, social media, community relations, marketing communications and more!

17 thoughts on “A New Start at Luymes PR”

  1. Robin! Wow, I hadn’t heard that you had left Amway! First off, I’m going to miss your blog there and I’m sure your staff will as well. Secondly, best wishes to you in your new venture! I’m sure with your experience, people skills, and most of all great attitude, that your going to do extremely well!

    God bless!

  2. Robin

    Good luck with the new venture and as I went this route a few years back don’t be afraid to get in touch if there is anything business related that you think I can help you with


  3. Congrats on the brand new leaf you’ve turned over – it’s the perfect time of year for doing so. If I had my own business, I would be calling you in a heartbeat to serve as my counselor!

    – Cindy

  4. Robin,
    Best wishes. You’re going in with a great attitude. And yes, signing up clients is exhilarating. It is a big change from being in a large corporation with lots of support staff, but there are big rewards when you accomplish something yourself.

    I know you’ll do well.

  5. Looks great Robin.

    Yeah, when you have to figure everything out on your own, it takes a wee bit more time. But, it’s also pretty darn empowering.

    I’m excited for you and your future!


  6. Hey Robin,

    You know I wish you nothing but the best in the new business. I can now officially write that blog post about you and the new venture and put Luymes.com on my “Links I Like”.

    Also gonna “facebook” you a message with a couple of links to some sites for some some ideas.


  7. Congrats Robin! Sounds like things are going very well for you. Great way to end the decade.

    If you need someone for some startup help, I’m back (and unemployed) in November 😉 I make a mean espresso.

  8. Robin,
    Wishing you the greatest of success with your new business! Let’s be sure to stay connected. I’ll certainly be keeping an ear out for opportunities that I can pass your way.


  9. Hey Robin–what a surprise to hear what happened! I wish you all the best in your new venture. I hope you have success beyond your wildest dreams. And, you’ve probably had a bazillion people in the Amway business want you to be their customer, but here’s one more…my IBO number is 222639. I’d love to have you as a client. –Jeffrey

  10. One thing is for sure, Robin’s experience working PR for Amway should be highly regarded.

    I also understand why I can’t get a rise out of the Grand Rapids press, they aren’t reporters, they are PR “professionals” in training.

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