Conner @ 16

Conner, my oldest son, is 16 today.

My oldest son, Conner, turned 16 today. Happy Birthday son!  I remember driving my wife to the hospital that night so many years ago.  The Lillehammer Olympics had started a few days earlier, just as the Vancouver games started a few days ago this year. The gold medal that year went to my wife, delivering all 9 lb 14 oz. of my boy. The famous quote from my mother in law, as Conner fully emerged: “He’s HUGE.”

Conner @ 16
Conner @ 16

He’s not so huge today, physically, although his personality most certainly is larger than life. A natural musician, a runner, a good student, an awesome friend, a follower of Christ, and a young man with a huge heart for others. Conner will always be the one who empathizes with others’ joys and pains. When people celebrate, Conner celebrates the loudest! When they are grieving, he comes alongside and sheds tears of sympathy.

This young man will go on to do great things. As I write this, he’s out running with high school cross country teammates.  This past year he knocked three minutes off his personal best times and I’m sure his dedication to the sport will be rewarded again next season. He spends hours learning new music on his guitar, piano, and drums. His birthday present, a new acoustic guitar, will be well-played.   Happy Birthday Conner!  You’re a great kid, and a wonderful son!

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  1. Happy Birthday Conner,

    You were 4 years old the last time I saw you. 16 is a bautiful age, hopefully you had a nice day with family and friends. And a nice birtday cake. This comment is from an aunt from Holland ( from your dad’s family)
    greetings for you all. I was supposed to be in Vancouver with Mattijs ( my second son), but I am laying on the couch not voluntary. I am the one withe the broken leg. aunt Monica

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